Mid Autumn has 30 Days

Posted Sep 6, 2006
Last Updated Oct 31, 2011
Mid Autumn 5980


Still a lot of color, but more in the BROWNS, most leaves have fallen. The evenings and mornings have more of a chill in the air. Days a lot shorter, nights a lot longer. Depending on where you live .. Still a beautiful time. Learn to enjoy life no matter what the season of life. Whether its the season of your age, or the season of the Year. Every age can teach us a very valubale lesson. REMEMBER THE OLD SONG, NO MATTER WHAT THE SEASON, I WILL OFFER YOU A TRUE SPRING TIME SUMMER LOVE. WE NEED TO SHOW THIS TO OUR GOD, TRUE LOVE,  REMEMBER THE FIRST COMMANDMENT, ALSO THE SECOND GREAT COMMANDMENT. MAT. 22:35--40. 1 JOHN 5 :2--3. JOHN 14:15, 21, 23--24, 15:10--17. THIS IS THE REAL LESSON OF THE SEASONS. HOW BEAUTIFULY SHOWEN THE CREATOR GOD HAS SHOWN IT, THE NIGHT DAY, MONTH, YEAR, YEARS.

 Note. Rom.1:19--20. John 3:1--2, 9--12.