Late Summer Has 31 Days

Posted Sep 6, 2006
Last Updated Jan 21, 2012

LATE SUMMER the 6th month has 31 days.

MY OWN THOUGHTS AND SOME ART WORK ABOUT THE SEASON  OF THE YEAR OF LATE SUMMER, In life you would be between the age 34--40 basicly that is using the scale 80 years Dividing by 12 = 6.66 years per season' and for cards I was thinking of for each season of the year, and life. I grew up on a small farm ranch in western North Dakota, I did get to shock grain,corn, haul hay, pitch bundles into a threshing machine etc. It could get quite hot through this month. I remember my uncles waving their arms franticly trying to get my attention while I was shoveling grain into a bin, the hopper in the cumbine would be filling up, and I being grain hauler had to keep them moving. A lot of grain was moved by scoop shovel. Ive always had deep love for the land, the seasons, life. Though I didn't always do it correctly, had to do a lot of repenting and still do. Overcoming growing seeking to do it Gods way,it is a way of life It is the only way to produce the right kind of fruit in season.., both spiritual and physcial, live by every word of God .

Psalm 1:1-3. May this season befilled with thankfulness, and you rejoicing greatly for the fruit of your labors. Eccl.8:5-6, 3:1--10. 5:18--20, 9:10.

The season of life 34--40 years LATE SUMMER.